Gideon L Mawenya

General Manager

Gideon L. Mawenya is the Manager of Amani Children’s Home since 2016. His primary responsibilities include overseeing all daily operations of the center, facilitating the sponsorship program, and maintaining communication between the center, donors, and government officials.

With extensive experience working in reputable companies such as ISON in Dar es Salaam and Habari Node Arusha, Gideon is an enthusiastic IT specialist. He has been involved in various roles, including network security, supporting basic IT infrastructure and networking, implementing data backup and recovery methods, and planning, designing, and implementing computer networks.

Furthermore, Gideon is an expert in the tourism industry. He possesses exceptional knowledge and expertise in planning safaris to Tanzania, including game drives, beach holidays, cultural tourism, mountain trekking, and balloon safaris. For any inquiries, he can be reached at

In addition to his professional pursuits, Gideon enjoys playing football, watching movies, listening to music, reading news, and sharing his vast computer skills with children.