Make a life-long difference in the life of a child! Sponsor one of Amani’s students today. Each “scholarship” covers the student’s tuition costs, room and board. All donations are fully tax deductible.


How it Works:

A child who is awarded a scholarship is sent to Mwalimu Ola Day School, a private school that provides a comprehensive English education. The sponsorship rate of 1150 USD per year (~95 dollars a month) covers tuition and all costs related to schooling (school supplies, uniforms, daily transport etc), as well as contributes to their room and board at Amani (including the cost of food, hygienic supplies, medical check ups and child care).

How to Enroll:

Please contact us directly and if you have not already selected a child, we can recommend a student for sponsorship based on their performance in school. You can donate the annual cost as a one-time donation (advised) or in two segments via our website. Please do not send money directly to schools or individuals.

What to Expect:

You are welcome and encouraged to send video greetings and email to your child via our email address childrenofamani@gmail.com or to send physical mail and packages to our mailing address (see the contact us page). Children have holidays from school twice a year, and during this time write letters to sponsors. We will also send you twice yearly updates on grades and school performance.

To view the program schedule click here: Sponsorship Calendar

When donating online, follow these instructions if you need assistance: Online Donation Guide

Do you have questions about adoption? Please contact our management directly.