Make a life-long difference in the life of a child! Sponsor one of Amani’s students today. Each “scholarship” covers the student’s tuition costs, room and board. All donations are fully tax deductible.


Option 1: On-Site Sponsorship

For ~$65 a month, you can sponsor a child at Amani. This covers all their nutritional, medical and educational needs. The child lives full-time at Amani and will either attend Amani’s on-site school, or a local public school depending on their age. We ask the sponsors make at least a one year commitment.

Option 2: Boarding School Sponsorship

For $80 a month + transport/supplies, you can send a child to a private board school. Amani partners with several schools, specifically the Yakini School which consistently ranks among the highest in the Arusha area. This sponsorship includes tuition, room and board, and school supplies. Student needs may vary on an individual basis, and so cost may fluctuate slightly between children. Prices tend to decrease after the first year, as many expenses are one time only.

Download our sponsorship brochure here!

How to Enroll 

Please contact us directly and if you have not already selected a child, we can recommend a student for sponsorship. You can donate the annual cost as a one-time donation (advised) or in two segments via our website.

To view the program schedule click here: Sponsorship Calendar

When donating online, follow these instructions if you need assistance: Online Donation Guide