The Amani Foundation is an American-based nonprofit organization dedicated to financially supporting the Amani Children’s Home. As a registered 501(c)3, all donations to Amani are tax deductible in the United States.

Print and share our brochure with family and friends!


All donations are used at the joint discretion of the US and Tanzanian management teams.

When donating online, follow these instructions if you need assistance: Online Donation Guide

We work carefully to through direct bank to bank transfers, ensuring donations leave our hands to go directly to 1 of 3 approved staff members and can only be accessed when all account signers are present. This allows us to account for funds and their proper usage. Therefore, we DO NOT recommend personal transfers to or from personal accounts and cannot be held responsible for the outcome of such transactions.

Our 2019 Annual Report is here.

Historical Reports:

See our 2016 Annual Report here.

See our 2017 Annual Report here.

See our 2018 Annual Report here.


Packages of clothing, toys, DVDs and CDs appropriate for children are also welcomed! Packages arrive in 2-3 weeks after mailing (see contact page) and are delivered to the children directly; photo documentation of the donations can be provided. Receiving packages in Tanzania requires an import tax – please donate $45 dollars online at the time of mailing your package to cover these costs.


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