Thank you Eddy, Chantal and Siebe

Eddy and Chantal Verhoeven are long-time volunteers who return to Amani again and again to donate their time, financial support and energy to our children. They visited again this November and were able to fund all of the windows and the two outside doors of the new dormitory and even some food for the children. They also had a special story to share, which shows that children around the word can truly make a difference:

“This November we visited Amani again to support the children of the orphanage.

This year the people of Amani are building two new dormitories and we were able to sponsor the windows and the outer doors of this building.

We want to thank  all of our friends and family who donated generously for this.

But there is somebody we especially want to mention:

In our search  for funding, we got help from Siebe,  a twelve year old boy who, before making his transition to secondary school, decided to devote himself to charity and to collect money for the Amani orphanage.  During several months he saved money by doing small tasks at family or friends like washing cars and cutting grass. He also made himself more aware of the life of the children in Tanzania by using less water when taking a shower or by reducing the time he played on the computer. He went
to school by bicycle instead of being brought by car and he also sold some of his personal belongings all in order to save small amounts of money. Doing so he was able to collect more than 200 US $ all on his own. No small feat for such a young boy. He even filled a box with toys to give to the children of Amani.

Therefore we want to say to him “thank you very much Siebe!”

Eddy & Chantal from Belgium”

siebe2015 [1024x768].JPG


Dormitory Construction to be Completed

Dear Friends and Supporters of Amani,
It is with great pleasure that we announce we have received the remaining funding we needed to complete our new dormitory! Construction is still under way, and we will post specific thank you’s to our amazing donors soon, but we couldn’t wait to share this amazing news!
This second dormitory will have profound benefits for Amani. Up until now all of the children have been in one dorm, which has been a very tight fit. Doubling our space will give our children highly improved sleeping facilities, decreasing chances of illness. The extra space also increases our capacity, which will allow us to take in more children that may need our help in the future, facilitating the sustainability and growth of our organization.
Please join us in celebrating this remarkable news!

Exciting New Projects are in the Works!

  • We have rented farmland! 10 hectares have been rented from a nearby farm, and now that rainy season is starting we are getting ready to plant our own crops! In early December we will plant maize, in order to harvest in August of next year! This is an exciting way for Amani to have more stability and autonomy, and hopefully the yield will be high so we can sell the extra food in order to buy some of our other necessities!
  • Construction has begun on a second dormitory! Space is very tight with all of the children sleeping in one dormitory, and through the help of dedicated sponsors from Italy, we have started construction on a second! The picture below shows how far it has already come!
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 5.57.53 PM

These are both ongoing projects, and the dormitory in particular still needs more sponsors to be completed- if you would like to be a part of either of these endeavors, please let us know!

Food Shortage

Friends & Supporters of Amani Orphanage,

We are in the midst of exciting new projects – bringing new facilities and opportunities to the Children of Amani, as well as our dedicated team who make it all possible. We are grateful for the directed funding that makes our new classrooms and dorm rooms a reality, and have no doubt these contributions will continue to allow Amani to grow and prosper.

As we move forward, however, we stay conscientious of meeting the most critical needs for our children: fresh food and clean water. With many of our donations dedicated to construction projects our funding for these basic provisions grows somewhat restricted. As a result, keeping our pantries and plates full each month is consistently difficult.

We reach out to you to ask for your support – financial and otherwise – to keep the Children of Amani healthy and happy. Through your sponsorship, one-time donations, or recurring contributions you will become part of this project that makes such a difference in the lives of Amani’s children. As a 501(c)3 registered charity, your donations are tax-deductible.

We thank you all for your support!

Feel free to contact us will any questions or concerns at!

Amani is a registered 501(c)3!

It’s official! Amani is a registered 501(c)3 so all donations are tax deductable in the United States.

Our EIN number is available upon request, and each year we will be releasing an annual report on how your funding helps Amani grow. Amani has formed its inaugural board of directors, and authenticated our executive officers. Their bios will be available online during the month of April. Additionally, we will be launching The Amani Orphanage News Letter: find us at Our first edition will go out at the end of this month so stay tuned.

Finally, our water pump is being installed at lighting spend. Thanks to Sharon, Kristina, and all the incredible donors who helped realize this project. Additionally, we have lovely new chairs and tables in our new kitchen facility! Amani’s facilities are fantastic!

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Calls for a new additions to our Board of Directors!

Amani is in the process of creating it’s official board of directors. With financial support from our donors, and under the fantastic guidance of Brooke Allison, Amani is moving toward legal legitimacy as a US Charity and full 501(3c) organization! 

We are now accepting interest for our inaugural board of directors! We have a few final spots open to active participants in Amani’s life and fund-raising. Ideal candidates are past volunteers and donors, who are interested in helping design Amani’s fund raising campaigns, brain storming social media projects, and guiding sponsorship programs etc. Specifically, individuals would help us make important decisions for Amani meetings twice a year via skype to vote and share insights. Please email me at by March 10!