Amani provides private school scholarships to at-risk children and youth in the Mto wa Mbu community. Our education project provides funding to cover the cost of tuition, supplies, and transportation for students in need. This ensures children have the right to learn, without gaps in their education due to financial stress, from nursery classes as toddlers all the way through advanced secondary school as adults.


Every year, more than 14.4% of primary-school-age children and over 57% of secondary-school-age children in Tanzania are out of school. Even though public school is free until age fifteen, most parents cannot afford the additional and mandatory costs of uniforms, school materials, and examination fees, and so their children continue to be deprived. This project addresses these issues by providing educational access and equity to vulnerable children and youths.


Amani provides full-time residential care for underserved children in the Tanzanian social welfare system. These children are provided with scholarships to local private schools. Through sponsorship programs and our this fund, we ensure boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds can excel academically, without gaps in their education due to financial stress, through all years of schooling. Tuition and materials are fully covered, as well as tutoring learning and disability support.

Long-Term Impact

This project will educate 50 children from impoverished communities. Our work directly helps students’ families by taking on the financial burden of education as well as providing family welfare counseling and support. We empower and protect some of the most vulnerable members of the Mto wa Mbu area. Our long-term goal is to support the health and wellbeing of at-risk families and address the root causes of child abandonment.

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