Meet Joseph Brown

Joseph is a 14-year-old boy, born in a village called Baraka, meaning “blessed.” One of our shyer children, his friendliness and charming smile hides the sadness of his early childhood.

Joseph’s Sponsorship Story

He was abandoned by his mother at age three and hasn’t seen her since. Family days are especially hard for him; he still gets upset whenever the subject comes to conversation.

At first, Joseph’s aunt tried to incorporate him into her family, but she couldn’t afford the costs of food and education for both her own family and little Joseph. At age six, she brought him to Amani Children’s Home.

In the years since Joseph has grown in confidence and character. He has some of the top grades in the center, with solid As on his semester exams in 2019. He dreams of being a pilot and likes spending his free time reading books on science and physics in the library.
Despite his incredible academic performance, Joseph has yet to find a sponsor.

His sweet shy manner means he often hangs back, and no volunteers have yet chosen him for a scholarship. In 2020, will you help us change that?