Schedule a Visit

Amani welcomes volunteers for both single-day and long-term projects.

For single day stops, we ask you to call ahead and recommend weekends as ideal time for visits. The children are huge football (soccer) fans, and we have a football located directly next to our compound. Stop by to play with them. We also welcome 1-2 hours volunteer activities (such as english and mathematics tutoring sessions; mural painting; gardening help) and welcome donations (recommendations are clothing for both genders ages 4-15, shareable toys such as balls and Frisbees, or hygienic supplies). Our suggested donation for a day visit is $5 (USD).

A number of day-visitors pair a stop at Amani with their large safari agenda. We’re happy to coordinate with your safari company to advise a stop, and also directly partner with the African Paraiso company which donates 20% of all profits to our operations.

For long term visits, we ask you to email us ahead of time with your project plan, budget and duration of stay (please complete our online form and attach it with your email). Amani has guest quarters available in our head office for $10 a night. We provide hot water for bucket showers, breakfast, and safe locked areas for your possessions. Additional meals can be prepared for a small fee, or you can eat locally at a number of Tanzania- or western-cuisine restaurants. If you would like to stay at a local hotel, we can arrange accommodations and transportation to and from our site depending on your group size and budget. Recent past projects include classroom renovations, water tower construction, and energy efficient stove installations.

We must be informed of all multiday stays at least one week prior to your arrival. This is vital in order to budget for food and allot sleeping spaces correctly. We also must know of all proposed projects in advance to be assured of their feasibility on-site. Please contact Gideon and attach a completed copy of the volunteer form below to start you work with us!

Click here to fill out and email in your volunteer form!

We ask that all donors and volunteers complete our online exit survey, regardless of the duration of your stay. This provides us with important feedback as well as contact information to keep you updated on Amani’s progress.

Print and share our official brochure to spread the word and bring together a volunteer team!

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