Donate toward education equity fund

Donate to our Education Equity Fund, which ensures all students stay in school and have the materials and support they need to thrive. This is especially crucial for children who are not supported through sponsorships. Find more information and make a gift here.

Payment of tuition fees

Provision of school equipment and other supplies

Transport students to school

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Donate toward physical and mental health fund

Donate to our Physical and Mental Health Fund. This supports the wellbeing of our children through meeting medical needs, fostering healthy relationships with family members, and providing access to child protective services. Find more information and make gift here.

Provision of full medical care

Provision of counseling for children and their families

Facilitation of seminars on child protection

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Donate toward food security and sustainability fund

Donate to our Food Security and Sustainability Fund. We use these donations to provide consistent and high-quality meals for our students. We also invest in sustainable agricultural practices and renewable energy for the children’s home. Find more information and make a gift here.


Balanced & nutritious diets

Investing in sustainable agriculture and energy

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