Thank You, Juntos Mola Más!

We are so blessed to have not one, but two visits from Juntos Mola Más this summer! Hosting this amazing group of people has always been such a special experience for our children. They have been supporting Amani for many years, and we are thrilled to share this particular experience.

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Montessori Scholarships for Maasai Toddlers!

The Maasai people are a traditional pastoral group located in Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya. Historically, they have experienced minimal access to formal education, with a 5% school enrollment rate. This has resulted in some of the highest illiteracy rates in the world of around 75% (TenMe, 2009).

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Springtime Festivities!

At Amani Children’s Home, spring break was a much-needed period of rest for our busy students. It provided them with a valuable opportunity to relax

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Children playing football

Team Amani for the Win

Team Amani for the win!!! That’s right, did you know that Amani has its very own football team?This past month, the Amani kids played two matches

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All Amani posing together

Christmas at the Waterfalls

The children at Amani celebrated a very special Christmas this year! We generously thankeveryone who made this holiday season so memorable for our kids. This

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Children playing in the playground

Happy New Year to All!

Written by: Sarah Karkout It’s been an amazing year at the Amani Children’s Home. With your help, we’ve been able to support our children better

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Group of children smiling at the camera

Visit Amani orphanage

On 13 September, after 2 years absence due to the Corona pandemic, we were able to visit the children of Amani again and we were happy to see that the orphanage was doing well.

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Sponsorship Updates

A humongous thank you to Brook and Troy Allison and Ombretta Fiumana, who now sponsor Neema Ramadhani and Magdalena Emmanueli respectively. We cannot thank you enough

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