Montessori Scholarships for Maasai Toddlers!

The Maasai people are a traditional pastoral group located in Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya. Historically, they have experienced minimal access to formal education, with a 5% school enrollment rate. This has resulted in some of the highest illiteracy rates in the world of around 75% (TenMe, 2009).

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Amani worker preparing food

A Globally Connected Amani

Love from around the world poured into the Amani Children’s Home this past month. It is with the support and dedication of our international visitors that we are able to do what we do. 

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Man digging hole for biogas digester

Power, Protein, Profit!

What better way to ensure financial self-sustainability… than with pigs!
At Amani Children’s Home, biogas and pigs are going to create a sustainable and cost-effective source of electricity.

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Amani's children posing for the camera outdoors

Happy Holidays at Amani!

What better way to spend the holiday season than swimming by a waterfall? Or perhaps taking cooking lessons and tending to your garden? Playing games

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Amani home before and after

Thank You JMM

This year, thanks to a project fully funded by one of our wonderful supporting partners, Juntos Mola Mas, volunteers, staff members, and the children all

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An Education

Ready for a real lesson?! Education in Tanzania is organized differently than in American. Instead of elementary, middle and high school there is: 2 years

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