Sustainability Team

Amani Children’s Home is an award winning facility, namely because of its drive for logistical and financial self-sustainability. Each year, Amani launches a new project designed to help the orphanage run on its own: increasingly independent from donations in order to address the needs of its children and the broader community.

In 2016 Amani bought two farms through donations and now uses these locations and our on-site mill as a reliable source of food and additional income to cover the dietary needs of our children.

Since 2017, Amani has been working towards installing solar power to decrease the site’s energy costs. The initiative will allow us to use more efficient lighting equipment, meaning our campus will be safer and our students will be able to study longer.


Emily Zink – Leader

548162_3179031235472_2124689116_nEmily Zink recently received a Masters of Environmental Science degree from Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, where she focused on sustainable development. An American citizen, Emily was raised abroad in Africa and South East Asia, where her family still lives. Like many Board Members she first encountered the Amani Orphanage as a student researcher with the School for Field Studies. Emily currently works for an international consulting firm that specializes in providing environmental and social services for African-based companies.


Kyle Sheely – Intern

13221483_553413654843904_4312394732573599525_nKyle Sheely is an Information Security Operations Consultant in Philadelphia and joined the Amani Foundation in 2016. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with degrees in Security & Risk Analysis as well as International Politics. Prior to joining Amani, Kyle was the Secretary of Public Health for Penn State’s branch of Global Brigades; he oversaw on-the-ground efforts to bring sustainable development to rural Central American towns and did everything from mix concrete to act as an interpreter between community leaders and student workers.