Amani's children posing for the camera outdoors

Happy Holidays at Amani!

What better way to spend the holiday season than swimming by a waterfall? Or perhaps taking cooking lessons and tending to your garden? Playing games

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Group of children smiling at the camera

Visit Amani orphanage

On 13 September, after 2 years absence due to the Corona pandemic, we were able to visit the children of Amani again and we were happy to see that the orphanage was doing well.

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Amani home before and after

Thank You JMM

This year, thanks to a project fully funded by one of our wonderful supporting partners, Juntos Mola Mas, volunteers, staff members, and the children all

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Pig and Gas Project

We need a safe and reliable source of energy for Amani Children’s Home. Right now, the center experiences A former student of mine has been

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Jordan, one of the collaborators

Thank You Jordan

We live in a time where many of us feel more isolated and disconnected than ever. For Amani, COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented dip in

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