A Globally Connected Amani

Amani worker preparing food

Love from around the world poured into the Amani Children’s Home this past month. It is with the support and dedication of our international visitors that we are able to do what we do. 

Meet Jonathan…

Calvin, one of the children

Jonathan is a very intelligent boy, who was born and raised by his mother in the Rhotia village in Karatu district, he has a good understanding of his subjects but is a bit shy in participating and answering the questions when asked by his teachers, however, his teachers speak highly of him despite not often…

Power, Protein, Profit!

Man digging hole for biogas digester

What better way to ensure financial self-sustainability… than with pigs!
At Amani Children’s Home, biogas and pigs are going to create a sustainable and cost-effective source of electricity.

Amani’s V.I.P Visitors

Group of Amani children standing in front of Amani Children's Home mural

The Amani Children’s Home is proud to have hosted visitations from three special guests within this past month.

Happy Holidays at Amani!

Amani's children posing for the camera outdoors

What better way to spend the holiday season than swimming by a waterfall? Or perhaps taking cooking lessons and tending to your garden? Playing games and enjoying sports like football and gymnastics? At Amani, schools closing for the holidays only means an opportunity for learning, growth, and fun.  The holiday season began for the children…