Meet Abdallah*, who is now 20. His story began in 2010 when he arrived at Kigongoni Orphanage. Before this, he lived with his mother, who struggled with chronic health issues and ultimately decided to relinquish custody of Abdallah. Abdallah recalls growing up in poverty, without a stable home environment because his mother couldn’t maintain employment….

Get Your Gourd-Geous Art On!

Want to learn how to draw the most perfect pumpkin, stunning squash, or gorgeous gourd? Come join the Amani Children’s Home and our collaboration with The Wild Wonder Foundation and Naturalist Artist Educator John Muir Laws! On Saturday, November 11th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time), John Muir Laws, aka Jack,…

Thank You to Our Long Time Supporters, Juntos Molas Más.

We are so blessed to have not one, but two visits from Juntos Mola Más this summer! Hosting this amazing group of people has always been such a special experience for our children. They have been supporting Amani for many years, and we are thrilled to share this particular experience.

Montessori Scholarships for Maasai Toddlers!

The Maasai people are a traditional pastoral group located in Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya. Historically, they have experienced minimal access to formal education, with a 5% school enrollment rate. This has resulted in some of the highest illiteracy rates in the world of around 75% (TenMe, 2009).

One World: How We’re Nurturing Multicultural Bonds

The Amani Children’s Home had the pleasure of hosting a group of over twenty guests from Israel earlier this month! During their time at the home, the Israeli guests and children engaged in various joyous activities. A particular favorite was a friendly game of football, where the children had the chance to showcase their skills…

We Got Up To A Lot Over Spring Break!

At Amani Children’s Home, spring break was a much-needed period of rest for our busy students. It provided them with a valuable opportunity to relax and recharge. During the ten day holiday, we made sure to cultivate a balance between relaxation and engaging activities for our residents.  One exciting activity that we organized for the…

Art and Science Reach New Heights 

Child at a wall with animals and a tree

Amani Children’s Home is a community center in Northern Tanzania that supports underserved children in their academic endeavors, emotional development, and physical wellbeing by providing full-time residential care. The Amani Foundation – founded by former Safina Center Fellow Dr. Katharine Thompson – provides financial aid, managerial oversight, and administrative support to Amani Children’s Home. In…

Team Amani for the Win

Children playing football

They Shoot… They Score…  Not only do our students hit their goals in the classroom, they’re pretty nifty with scoring them on the pitch!  Did you know that Amani has its very own football team? This past month, the Amani kids played two matches against Team Maasai and another local military team. The match against…

An Unforgettable Christmas at the Waterfalls

All Amani posing together

The children at Amani celebrated a very special Christmas this year! We generously thank everyone who made this holiday season so memorable for our kids. This year, the children were able to participate in a series of fun and unique activities. First, they made an environmentally friendly Christmas tree using plastic cans found around the…

Happy New Year to All!

Children playing in the playground

It’s been an amazing year at the Amani Children’s Home. With your help, we’ve been able to support our children better than ever before.  One of these successes is the Pigs and Biogas Project! Several tests have been conducted, one of which involves opening the gas outlet to see if it could light a match….