Who we are

Amani Children's Home supports underserved children in Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania in their academic endeavors, emotional development and physical wellbeing, through full-time residential care. The Amani Foundation provides financial aid, managerial oversight and administrative support to Amani Children's Home.


Safe Shelter

Amani provides full-time residential child care. This means welcoming facilities, a well-maintained campus, and a space within our dormitories for each child to call their own.

Educational Equity

Amani provides scholarships to local private schools. This cradle-to-graduation program ensures children have the right to learn, without gaps in their education due to financial stress, through all 15 years of schooling.

Hygiene and Sanitation

Amani provides safe drinking water, proper restroom facilities, and public health programs. This is essential to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

Emotional Wellbeing

Amani provides social welfare counseling to all families within our program. We support healthy relationships with relatives, protect children’s rights, and provide age-appropriate therapy. Amani supports access to cultural and religious programs based on the child’s faith and preferences.

Health and Wellness

Amani provides access to quality medical care. We have athletic programs for the children as a source of community engagement, exercise, and empowerment.

Food Security

Balanced diets ensure our children can grow and thrive. Amani has both on-site and off-site gardens and livestock, which provide fresh produce and protein for our children. Both also serve as educational opportunities in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Adult Education

Amani facilitates access to continuing education programs for staff members, to invest in their professional skills and personal potential. This includes opportunities in business management, accounting, and technology. We also provide social welfare, inclusivity, and child protection training to our affiliates.

Community Enrichment

Amani works with the Tanzanian Government’s Social Welfare Office to support and protect some of the most vulnerable members of the Mto wa Mbu area. When we help these children grow and engage with their communities, we empower the future.