Meet Abdallah*, who is now 20. His story began in 2010 when he arrived at Kigongoni Orphanage. Before this, he lived with his mother, who struggled with chronic health issues and ultimately decided to relinquish custody of Abdallah. Abdallah recalls growing up in poverty, without a stable home environment because his mother couldn’t maintain employment. I, Dr. Kate, met him in 2011.

Abdallah started primary school, and shortly thereafter was transferred to Amani. He recounts, “Although I missed my mother, I made the most of my time at the home and continued to study hard. I was determined to make a better life for myself and my family.”

At Amani, he began to flourish. He discovered a love of soccer, and over the years, became a student leader on Amani’s local soccer team. He became a mentor to the younger boys. From STEAM programs at the center, he developed a love of astronomy. As he tells it, “As I grew older, I became an excellent football player and eventually named as captain of my team. I also continued to excel in my studies, passing all of my exams with flying colors. When I finished secondary school, I was accepted into university to study computer science.”

Now living in a city as a college freshman majoring in computer science, Abdallah spends long hours studying and practicing his programming skills on his own laptop. “I am determined to become a successful Computational Scientist or Database Engineer and make a difference in the world.” I had the privilege of visiting him and the other two children I’ve known the longest, and you can see how much of a change years of confidence, stability, and encouragement has meant for them.

“Despite the challenges I faced early in life, I never lost hope and continued to work hard towards my dreams. My love for football and computers helped me overcome adversity and achieve great success.” Your donations made this success story possible! When you become a monthly sustaining donor with us, you change lives for the long haul. Consider being the force behind more stories like Abdallah’s, so together we can help students to rewrite their futures!

*real names used with informed consent for young adults.


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