Thank You to Our Long Time Supporters, Juntos Molas Más.

We are so blessed to have not one, but two visits from Juntos Mola Más this summer! Hosting this amazing group of people has always been such a special experience for our children. They have been supporting Amani for many years, and we are thrilled to share this particular experience.

Our journey begins with a fun favorite: sports! Competitive games of volleyball and football were played. It was some of our children’s first time playing these sports, which made the exchange extra special. Everyone had a blast fostering the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie.

Thanks to Juntos Mola Más, we were able to plant more vegetables in our onsite garden. The children and volunteers worked together on this project, teaching them the value of sustainable agriculture and the importance of growing their own food. We’re so excited to watch them grow!

After gardening, Juntos Mola Más assisted us with repairing our cowshed. Due to storms during the rainy season, the floors and walls of our onsite cowshed were damaged. This crucial repair has created higher quality living conditions for our cows, ensuring their safety and well being.

The last day of our guests’ stay was marked by a special dinner. As a gesture of appreciation and unity, the Juntos Mola Más volunteers prepared a delicious meal for all of the children and staff. Their efforts brought joy and happiness to everyone here at Amani, creating lasting memories for all.

Thank you, Juntos Mola Más!

A link to this amazing organization’s website is hyperlinked here, or can be copied and pasted into your URL search bar:

By Sarah Karkout.