Montessori Scholarships for Maasai Toddlers!

When listening to our Maasai neighbors, we heard that there is a profound need for access to early childhood education.

The Maasai people are a traditional pastoral group located in Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya. Historically, they have experienced minimal access to formal education, with a 5% school enrollment rate. This has resulted in some of the highest illiteracy rates in the world of around 75% (TenMe, 2009). Additionally, 92% of girls typically struggle to receive access to education, resulting in gender inequality (Maa Trust, 2023). Doing so will provide young children with the vital education necessary to thrive developmentally; it would also allow Maasai women the time to pursue entrepreneurial business ventures. Our goal is to bridge the gap between educational access for kids, and create equitable opportunities for women! We need your support!

The Amani Children’s Home is sponsoring Monetssori Scholarships for 40 Massai toddlers! It only costs $150 to send a child to school for a full year! With support from around the world, we hope that we could supply each of these children with the scholarships they need. Our center’s amazing preschool teacher, Miss Valentina Julius, will cultivate an environment for growth in psychosocial development, gross and fine motor skills, linguist capabilities, and creative thinking. Scholarships will be distributed equally between young boys and girls in order to close the gender equality gap in educational access. 

With your support, more Maasai girls will be set up for success in primary school and beyond. Women will be able to pursue opportunities otherwise impossible. This benefits not only those women and children, but each entire family’s well-being. For 14 hours on July 12th, your donation will be boosted through Global Giving! A link to support our initiative can be found here. We hope that our international team of supporters can join hands to support these kids in need!

  • Donations of $100 – $499 USD will be matched at 30%
  • Donations of $500 – $749 USD will be matched at 40%
  • Donations of $750 – $1,000 USD will be matched at 50%

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