We Got Up To A Lot Over Spring Break!

At Amani Children’s Home, spring break was a much-needed period of rest for our busy students. It provided them with a valuable opportunity to relax and recharge. During the ten day holiday, we made sure to cultivate a balance between relaxation and engaging activities for our residents. 

One exciting activity that we organized for the children was a cooking session! They not only got to unwind, but also explored their culinary skills. It was delightful to see them enthusiastically participating in the cooking process together. 

We also took the chance to celebrate traditional holidays during this time, including Easter and Eid al-Fitr.

For Easter, the children came together to prepare a delicious meal, which included chips, rice, pilau, and beverages. Sharing this meal created a warm sense of togetherness and further developed our community spirit. 

The children savored the food and cherished the bond they shared. 

Similarly, on Eid al-Fitr, the children had the opportunity to join hands in preparing a variety of meals. The festivities included joyful dancing and a wonderful time spent in each other’s company. 

Celebrating different holidays at the home proved to be an enriching experience for the children. It exposed them to diverse cultures, fostering an open-minded environment that encouraged acceptance and tolerance. 

Overall, the spring break at Amani Children’s Home serviced its purpose of providing our students with much needed rest and rejuvenation! The combination of relaxation and engaging activities, such as cooking and eating together as well as shared sports, created a well-rounded experience for the children. 

We believe that nurturing their well-being is essential for their overall growth and development, and we are so thankful to be able to provide this opportunity for these amazing young people. 

By Sarah Karkout.