One World: How We’re Nurturing Multicultural Bonds

The Amani Children’s Home had the pleasure of hosting a group of over twenty guests from Israel earlier this month!

During their time at the home, the Israeli guests and children engaged in various joyous activities. A particular favorite was a friendly game of football, where the children had the chance to showcase their skills and share them with their visitors. The excitement and camaraderie on the field was truly uplifting.

In addition to sports, a lively dance session was organized, where different styles of music were played. The universal language of dance was the perfect method to bring our guests and the children together for a very fun evening. 

The Israeli guests also brought along a range of thoughtful gifts for the children, including playing items, colored pencils, shoes and cookies. These presents were received with immense gratitude and appreciation by the youngsters. 

Beyond the immediate joy of the visit, this experience had a profound impact. It provided an invaluable opportunity for cultural immersion, broadening perspectives, and fostering mutual learning. Interacting with people from a different part of the world allowed the children to gain a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and broaden their horizons. 

The Amani Children’s Home extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Israeli guests for their generosity and for creating lasting memories during their visit. Thank you!

By Sarah Karkout.


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