Team Amani for the Win

Team Amani for the win!!! 
That’s right, did you know that Amani has its very own football team?
This past month, the Amani kids played two matches against Team Maasai and another local
military team.

The match against Team Maasai was very important for our kids due to their historic rivalry.
With great pride, Team Amani was able to control the game! We scored a two-goal victory
against Team Maasai who only scored one goal. Way to go!!!

The second match against the military team proved to be more challenging for Team Amani.
Although we managed to control the first half of the game with two goals, the situation changed
during the second half, where we lost by four goals to the other team. Despite the defeat, our
team displayed great maturity and sportsmanship. We look forward to learning from this
experience and improving for the future!

It is no secret that our children love football. However, we currently lack enough sports
equipment such as footballs, shoes, and cones in order to effectively play and practice. We
humbly urge anyone who is no longer using their supplies to donate it to the children of Amani.
This kind gesture would ensure that our kids will always have something to play with on the

By Sarah Karkout

Amani's football team


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