Christmas at the Waterfalls

The children at Amani celebrated a very special Christmas this year! We generously thank
everyone who made this holiday season so memorable for our kids.

This year, the children were able to participate in a series of fun and unique activities. First, they
made an environmentally friendly Christmas tree using plastic cans found around the Amani
residence. In collaboration with Andrea, they collected these cans, washed them, painted them
with different colors, and hung them up with ropes to make a Christmas tree shape. We hope that
you love their tree as much as we do!

Next, the kids went on an adventure to the waterfalls! This excursion was especially fun due to
the recent heavy rainfalls in the area, which resulted in muddier paths. The children found
themselves working together to get their tuk-tuks through the mud, and they supported each
other when the stones became slippery. Their hard work was rewarded when they reached the top
of the falls, where they were able to relax and swim. We can see just how happy they are through
the smiles on their faces!

On Christmas day, the children got dressed up in new, festive clothes. Together, they prepared a
pizza! This was especially exciting because it was the first time pizza has been prepared at
Amani. The children learned how to make it themselves, which made for a memorable evening.

We want to thank everyone for making this such a special holiday for our children. Their happiness shines so brightly because of your continuous support. From us to you, Merry Christmas!

By Sarah Karkout


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