Happy New Year to All!

Child sitting in the football yard

It’s been an amazing year at the Amani Children’s Home. With your help, we’ve been able to support our children better than ever before. 

One of these successes is the Pigs and Biogas Project! Several tests have been conducted, one of which involves opening the gas outlet to see if it could light a match. We’ll spare you the scientific details, just know that… we’ve got fire! This is an excellent sign that the plant is beginning to produce gas in large quantities. Once the animals produce more dung, we will be able to use it at home. We are so excited to see everyone’s hard work and determination come to life.

Child smiling at the camera

As we look forward to the New Year, our mission is to continue to support our children as best as possible. Right now, what we need most is to restock our maize store. Corn is the staple food for Amani, contributing to 80% of the diet.

Due to a local drop in price for maize in Tanzania, now is the perfect time to buy more bags of corn for the New Year. The current price for corn is 12,000 Tsh ($52.13 US Dollars), and we will need 100 bags to start in 2023. This will cost $5,212.86. Amani is currently running out of maize, so we are asking our friends to step up and help. 

Everyone at the Amani Children’s Home wishes you a happy and healthy new year. We are excited to see what 2023 has in store!

Girl catching a football

Written by: Sarah Karkout


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