Pack your Bags, We’re Going Back to School!

September means back to school!

After a summer full of adventure, the Amani children are ready for the new school year. The older students have their national exams taking place this October and November, which gives them the chance to receive government sponsorships to universities and colleges. 

This means taking extra classes to ensure that they are prepared. We know that this hard work will pay off, and we wish them the best of luck! 

In addition to their studies, the children have enjoyed another memorable trip to the waterfalls! 

During this trip, the children rode bicycles, tuk-tuks, and trekked a rocky path. 

There was no shortage of fun on the excursion, which can be clearly seen when looking at the smiles on their faces.

Teen playing with the waterfall's water

Bringing the children into nature teaches them many valuable lessons, one of which is maintaining a healthy school-life balance. There is no question that being a student today can be stressful, and the upcoming exams for the older students may be especially daunting. However, the children can learn that stress can be mitigated with good friends, exercise, and fun! 

Our goal is to prepare these children for happy and successful lives ahead. By providing them with a healthy balance of academic support and enriching activities, we are teaching the children valuable lessons that can be applied throughout their lifetimes.

Teens posing in front of the waterfall

By Sarah Karkout


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