A Globally Connected Amani

By Sarah Karkout. Love from around the world poured into the Amani Children’s Home this past month. It is with
the support and dedication of our international visitors that we are able to do what we do. 
Our first guest was Junto Mola Mas, a volunteer organization from Spain, coming for their
annual visit. Within just one week, these volunteers were able to help with the Amani garden, aid
children with laundry, install LED lights in the girl’s dormitory, and even prepared a special
Spanish meal for the children to enjoy. Junto Mola Mas has been providing support to Amani for
six years, and we are so grateful for the work that they do. A link is provided below to their website: https://www.juntosmolamas.org/

Our second guest was John McCauley, who has also been involved in the Amani home since its
early stages. With him, John brought 16 other volunteers, where together they spent time with
the children painting and engaged in relaxing activities after a long week of studies. They also
donated clothes, story books, and sports equipment. Thank you, John and friends! Here is a link
to learn more about him: Link.

International visitors have played a vital role in creating the Amani you see today. In a physical
sense, they’ve helped us with our buildings, electricity, clothing, food, and other material needs,
all of which are extremely important for the well-being of our children. But on a deeper level,
they teach our children that they are part of a vast, loving, and connected community with
members from all over the globe. Thank you for everything that you do!


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