Amani’s V.I.P Visitors

The Amani Children’s Home is proud to have hosted visitations from three special guests within this past month. These individuals are Hon. Mary Masanja, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Hon. Joyce Mgaya, Public Relations Unit Officer, and Hon. Latipha M. Malley, Makuyuni County Councilor. 

Hon. Mary Masanja and Hon. Joyce Mgaya visited Amani on March 6th, representing the Parliament for the United Republic of Tanzania. During this very important visit, the children and staff of Amani were able to highlight the significance of this institution to these government leaders. We were able to successfully convey our core message of aiding children in their academic, emotional, and physical growth with pride. Touched by the good work taking place at our center, Hon. Masanja and Hon. Mgaya generously provided Amani with donations of money and supplies. With their help, we will be able to sustain ourselves for some time without having to make new purchases.

Hon. Masanja is pictured above. Hon. Mgaya is pictured below. They are addressing the children and staff at Amani.

Amani's volunteer
Amani's volunteers

Hon. Latipha M. Malley came to visit Amani on February 19th, representing Makuyuni County. She felt so inspired by our mission that she graciously promised to address the growing challenge of rising water bills, and additionally provided us with generous donations and gifts. 

Hon. Malley is pictured speaking to the president of the children’s government, Amina Christopher (in the blue tracksuit), who is a child of the Amani Center.

Children gathered at the Amani's facilities

Overall, it is with the help of our government leaders that we can accomplish great things at Amani. All three individuals spoke to the children at the center, allowing kids to see what great leadership can accomplish. With International Women’s Day on March 8th, it was especially valuable to show our young girls the profound impact female leaders can have on a community. 

At Amani, we believe that all children can reach their full potential with the right care and support. 

Thank you to Hon. Mary Masanja, Hon. Joyce Mgaya, and Hon. Latipha M. Malley for helping us turn these dreams into reality.


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