Visit Amani orphanage

On 13 September, after 2 years absence due to the Corona pandemic, we were able to visit the children of Amani again and we were very happy to see that the orphanage was doing well. We were heartily welcomed by Mr. Gideon and his staff. Many of the children recognized us and even remembered our name.

Our story of children helping children continues as another child of one of Chantal’s colleagues decided to help Amani. A particular detail is that Leander is only seven years old which makes his contribution extra special.

Also he, like all the children before him, did small tasks in and around the house. He helped feeding the animals, cleaned tiles, helped to cook, worked in the garden, planted seeds and helped in removing wallpaper. He got paid for every task and was able to accumulate a nice sum to donate to the orphanage. The money was used to buy much needed food (16 bags of maize) for the children.

During our visit we were accompanied by Namunyak her son Dani and his niece Nossim. To celebrate their birthday, Dani and Nossim offered to share their birthday cake with the children of Amani. And as Dani is very creative, he made the drawings which the children could color. The day was even more special as Namunyak organized some activities with the children of Amani to say thank you to Leander.

Children posing at Amani's mural with posters on their hands


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