Thank You Meike!

On 29 December 2019, Eddy and Chantal together with their son Jan and two friends from Belgium visited us again and brought food (rice, beans, fruit) for our children and money which will be used to replace the tiles of the boys dormitory. They were able to do so with help from family, colleagues and friends.

But again there is somebody they especially want to mention. You probably remember the stories of Siebe and Lotte, children of a colleague of Chantal who collected money for the Amani orphanage. Now their younger sister, Meike, decided to do the same.

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It is the fourth child and the third in this family who did their utmost best to help supporting the Amani orphanage. Like her older sister and brother she took great pride in saving money by doing small tasks at family or friends and made herself more aware of the life of the children in Tanzania by using less water or by reducing the time she played on the computer. She mowed the grass and went to school by bicycle instead of being brought by car and baked home-made cakes and sold these together with some things of her personal belongings all in order to save money.

In doing so she bested her brother and was able to collect € 300. She was especially proud of this result. Therefore we want to tell her “thank you very much Meike!”


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Imagen 1

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