As the new year begins, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on some of the generosity of the past year. Our 2016 archive is filled with stories of donations and projects that make it possible for Amani to exist. Among them, we are grateful for the continued support of Eddy, Chantal and Siebe Verhoeven who contributed doors and windows to our dormitories and establish electrical infrastructure for our classrooms, built by John McCauley. A more recent donation helped us install more electricity, provided food for our kids and got our motorcar (“called a tok-tok”) up and running again! This way we can drive in supplies, saving time and energy. Thank you to the Verhoevens, and all the incredible people who helped make 2016 a great year. We’re excited to continue our work as we ring in 2017. Amani would not be here were it not for the kindness of our international sponsors.
Please note:

We love to feature stories of projects and donors on our website. However, it can take time to post updates as we are all volunteer staff with many responsibilities.

If you would like your story featured, please email us information about your project! When donors and volunteers send us photos and articles we are very excited to publish them. Not every donor wants to be acknowledged publicly, so we rely on your approaching us or completing our forms for documentation.