Friends & Supporters of Amani Orphanage,
We are in the midst of exciting new projects – bringing new facilities and opportunities to the Children of Amani, as well as our dedicated team who make it all possible. We are grateful for the directed funding that makes our new classrooms and dorm rooms a reality, and have no doubt these contributions will continue to allow Amani to grow and prosper.
As we move forward, however, we stay conscientious of meeting the most critical needs for our children: fresh food and clean water. With many of our donations dedicated to construction projects our funding for these basic provisions grows somewhat restricted. As a result, keeping our pantries and plates full each month is consistently difficult.
We reach out to you to ask for your support – financial and otherwise – to keep the Children of Amani healthy and happy. Through your sponsorship, one-time donations, or recurring contributions you will become part of this project that makes such a difference in the lives of Amani’s children. As a 501(c)3 registered charity, your donations are tax-deductible.
We thank you all for your support!
Feel free to contact us will any questions or concerns at!