Happy Holidays From Amani! Thanks Eddy and Chantal Verhoeven

This holiday Eddy and Chantal from Belgium brought a donation of over 1000 USD and lots of children’s clothing to Amani. Eddy and Chantal are long time travelers to Tanzania and visited Amani for the first time in 2013. They were immediately touched by our work with our children. Back in Belgium they started a fundraising and we especially want to thank the colleagues, family and friends of Eddy and Chantal and institute ‘Emiliani’ who donated so generously to our orphanage. Their gift provided the funds to cover health care for the children, as well as a variety of healthy food for this month. Tomatoes, wheat, fruits, maize, onions, sugar, beans, meat, salt and cooking oil abound!

”To us it’s very important that the colleges, the name of the institute we work in  and our friends and family are mentioned. Without them we wouldn’t  have been able to sponsor Amani.” -Eddy

DSC02025 DSC02026
Additionally, we need to thank donors John Price, Silvia Vosseler and Elizabeth Hayes for their generosity this month! Amani is truly starting off the new year in fine shape, with the funds to cover our immediate food needs and sustain the construction projects initiated in 2014.


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