20140526_013924Five THOUSAND. That’s a lot of money in America. And in Tanzania, it’s even more valuable. 8,542,500 Tanzania shillings for change, improvement and support at Amani.
All of this is thanks to the incredible long-term dedication, planning and determination of Kristina and Sharon. We can’t thank them enough for their energy and compassion for Amani. They have worked long and hard on not only this recent fund-raiser, but building up the stability of Amani as an organization and the sponsorship of their two girls at the orphanage.
As part of their fundraiser, Sharon walked carrying water in a local event, showing how hard it can be to transport and provide water for our children in East Africa.
Even Kristina’s grandson Cole chipped in, raising $75 all on his own! What a champ! We’re so proud!
Thank you for the donations you contributed to our BIGGEST CAMPAIGN in HISTORY (and by far most successful) are sent to change lives in Mto wa Mbu.