As many of you know Sharon and I are involved in supporting the Amani Orphanage in Tanzania, Africa.
We have already raised funds to bring a water supply into the buildings and money for food.

Our next endeavor is to raise enough money to complete the building of a kitchen and a dining hall. Right now there is only a “shell” of a building for the kitchen. A proper cooking space is non-existent and the kids eat on the ground. Having a proper kitchen would help with hygiene and also the ability to cook a more variety of foods. The children and staff mainly live on beans and a corn porridge mixture. This diet is very nutrient deficient.

We also want to have a proper clean-water well system drilled. Right now there is some water that comes from a pipe in the mountains but this runs out in the dry season and this is huge issue. We have already secured a man to do the drilled well for $3000.00 which is a good deal. This would allow for clean water all year round at the Orphanage helping with better hygiene and health issues also help with ground irrigation so that they can grow more of their own food and aid in sustainability.

Sharon has  developed our on online campaign using .

Here is a link to our Campaign with our video. We would love your feedback!

We know others that have had huge success with this online campaign and we are really excited about getting this started and raising our goal of the $10,000 needed to help the children and staff of Amani. Our campaign will run for 2 months from September 5th to November 5th. It will have lots of beautiful handmade perks that we picked up while in Africa to give to donors. This campaign will make such a difference in these children’s lives.

How can you help? will be so exciting to be part of this project and know that your efforts are going to a great cause.  100% of the money goes to our project and there is no middleman.
If you have any questions please let either Sharon or I know.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Much Kindness
Kristina & Sharon