Alexa Diaz is a School for Field Studies alumna from summer session two in 2013. While in Tanzania, she visited the Amani Orphanage. In fact “I almost didn’t make it to the orphanage because I was getting over a bacterial infection I contracted while in the Serengeti,” Alexa recalls “But once I got to the orphanage with the other students I knew I had made the right decision.”
Alexa spent the day playing with the children, and one little girl in particular who never left her side. As Alexa left Amani, she the thoughts of the children stayed with her. She remembered hearing Juma talking withthe SFS student affairs manager about how he wanted to help the oldest of the girls to stay on track towards finishing her education. Alexa knew then she had to help this girl and Amani’s other children.
Upon returning to America Alex missed the children she met at Amani, and hated feeling isolated from the community. So from half a world a way, she set out to change their lives. She started her own fundraiser selling calendars made from pictures she took at Amani and at National Parks in East Africa.
20140401_162853“It shocked me that people I had never met before would listen to my story and would be willing to buy a calendar. It amazed me that people were so willing to help and were so supportive,” says Alexa. Using her creativity, determination and social media networks Alexa’s fundraiser was an incredible success, raising over 1000 USD for the children.
Juma, who picked up the donation this past monday, stated that it covered Amani’s food budget for the foreseeable future.
And Alexa has managed to reach around the world to touch the lives of the children she loves. “This fundraiser has been my way of making a small difference in the community that felt like home to me. Even though I am not in Tanzania anymore, this was my way of staying connected.” Beyond staying connect, Alexa has succeeded beautiful to create new possibilities for Amani. Asante sana to Alex Diaz, and everyone who joined her in this incredible effort!