Bug Off!

Amani has a March wish list!

Recently, two of our children fell ill with Malaria. According to the US Center for Disease Control malaria is a often-fatal disease caused parasitic infection via a mosquito bite. It causes fever, shaking chills, and flu-like symptoms that, without immediate treatment, will kill the victim. The World Health Organization states that children in subsaharan nations are amongst the most at risk for malaria, which killed 660,000 people in 2010. Of these deaths- 90% were African children under fiver years of age. Those could be our children.

Thanks to Juma’s quick action and donations that enable medicinal treatment our two children and resting and recovery now. But Amani is asking for additional money to purchase preventative supplies. We need insect sprays and money to fix the leaks in the showers than create pools of stagnant water. Such areas can be a breeding ground for mosquitos, and recently have been dripping on children’s beds too! Help us keep our kids safe and dry.

Please consider donating now online:  Small Donate Button We need just 50 USD to make this goal!

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