Record Breaking Thank Yous

In 2013 (our first full year with the website and online donation system) we raised a total of 1150 USD. This year so far we have already raised an incredible total of 1113 USD. That’s in only TWO MONTHS, from our alumni base of previous volunteers and from their dedicated efforts to spread the word about this Orphanage. It’s from our families, our friends. It’s from letters you wrote, e-mail we shared, statuses we posted. It’s nothing short of incredible. 
The most recent bulk donation sent to Tanzania last week was used to purchase 200 kg of rice for the children. That’s 441 lb- the weight of eight of our kids sitting together! To balance out their diet, we still need money to purchase beans, but I’m so humbled by this wave of donations and the amazing growth our outreach program is experiencing. 

Keep on spreading the word. Here’s pictures of the rice on the way to Amani- let’s send another food truck soon!


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