500 for Food

Juma sent me the following pictures this week, with the encouraging caption: food is on the way!
Picture 581
Picture 582
Picture 577
Through e-mails, facebook and blog posts, Amani asked for 1200 USD in the month of February to help deal with a sudden and heartbreaking lack of food due an increase in number of children at the Orphanage. Together, we have raised just over 500 dollars in just over five days. It’s breath taking, and humbling. When you cry out for help- you never know what the response may be. In this past week, your response was utterly overwhelming. I’ve transferred the fund to Tanzania- the first half has already been put to good use and the second half is on the way. And now, I’m e-mailing out thank you letters. Asante sana, rafiki yangu.
The fundraising continues, but now with more hope than I’ve ever had. Please, continue to spread the word about Amani!