Food Emergency

This morning I woke up a little after five, unable to sleep. After a few groggy sips of water I blankly checked my Facebook and e-mail, the light of the computer illuminating my pre-dawn dorm room. There I saw a disturbing message from Juma, entitled EMERGENCY NO FOOD. In a developing nation commodity prices are rarely stable. Staple products can quickly become unaffordable for a family. Let alone an orphanage of 40, with three new boys just joining the program.
Here is our need, just for one month, to provide for our kids:
10 bags of Maize at $50 each = $500

3 bags of Beans at $87 each  = $261
2 bags of Rice at $133 each   = $266
50 kg of Sugar at $2 each  = $100
50 kg of Wheat at $1 each = $50
1 carton of Salt = $11
40 litters of Cooking oil =  $90
At an exchange rate of $1 USD to 1500 Tanzanian Shillings, this brings Amani to $1278 in food costs per month.
Please consider donating now online:  Small Donate Button
After I saw Juma’s message I did two things. I sent 50 USD from my bank account, and I prayed that other people would do the same. Then I drafted this post. Please, in light of these immense needs and the growing number of children held at Amani, please consider making a donation today. It will arrive in Tanzania a week later, so there is no time to waste.


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