Amani in a Year

2013 was an incredible year for the Amani Orphanage.
We moved into our new home, with the help of fantastic organizations like Leap and SFS, as well as many independent donors and volunteers. We begin sponsorships with a number of new supports, working towards our goal of creating lasting sponsor-child relationships that fill our children with a sense of encouragement, love and security. We ran two successful t-shirt fundraising campaigns with Booster and now participants from all over the world proudly wearing Amani merchandise. From Australia to America, from Tanzania to Canada and over to the UK, the world has come together to support these children.
2013 was the first year Amani had its own website, and donation collection abilities online. We raised more than 1300 USD through our t-shirt sales online and this online donator. Let that number sink in! It’s absolutely incredible for this little orphanage, and the support is only growing.
A year in review:

Our friends in Australia, where the name of Amani is truly going global!

SFS and Leap provide the man power, year in and year out!

Picture 3245
Matt and Kyle visit us for two months to help with construction!

New sponsors like Kristina and Sharon bring new ideas and fresh excitement to fundraising efforts and the children’s livesThank each and everyone one of you who supported us this past year! Thank you for your energy, your project ideas, your financial support and your love of these children. I can’t wait to witness what God does in 2014!

A sneak peek of our goals for 2014:
Kristina and Sharon- create profiles for each child and encourage new sponsorship matches
Carole- develop a new fundraiser featuring cards made by the child to be sold abroad
Kate- get Amani recognized as a US government approved charity, bringing increased legitimacy and respect for our efforts; create a short documentary film about Amani’s work
And you– how will you join in with new ideas and initiatives in this upcoming year?! I can’t wait to see!
Love, Kate


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