Thanks Matt and Kyle

A note from Juma (with minor edits):
It`s my hope that you all are quite fine in America and around the world! Here in Tanzania we are doing well and day to day. Also Matt and Kyle a volunteers from USA are doing very well as they work with our children and staff here at Amani! They have just finish up a foundation for a new room. Now they are planning to buy bricks! They have brought 1500 USD to help pay for construction costs but now that money is used up! Their work is lovely, but it’s not done yet! They arrived here on 17th of October and are working here at the Orphanage for two months. These boys stay with children and sleep at the orphanages office! In the pictures below you can see how they were starting to dig the foundation and another pictures you will see them with children and the watchman. These are wonderful volunteers and former SFS students from way back in 2011! Won’t you help them finish their construction projects here?
Go to our donation page to send a special gift for Matt and Kyle so that they can finish up the projects they have planned for Amani this month!
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