Food is scarce. It’s the dry season in Tanzania, and we have a wish list!
– 10 bags of Maize
– 10 bags of Rice
– 5 bags of beans
And the $$ break down is:
  •  1bag of Maize is equal to 67500Tsh which is equal to 45$
  • 1 Bag of Beans is equal to 130000= 87$ [with the rate of 1500Tsh per one Dollar]
  • 1kg of Rice is equal to 1500Tsh that`s equal 1$, therefore  for one bag of rice [1bag] with 100kg will be 100$
Can you help us with this grocery list. If ten people each donated ten dollars, we could cover the cost of this food! And we’ll send you a shout-out on our website! Please, consider donating here, right now!
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Your money is the difference between empty and full bellies for us today.
Skip the starbucks coffee, send a donation, please.