It’s T-shirt Time!

Think of the last t-shirt you purchased. What did it represent to you? A week’s tips from work? A concert memory? A favorite sports team?
How about a shirt means clean water, food, and school supplies?
Amani Orphanage has partnered with Booster to create the Amani Orphanage T-Shirt. These neat shirts serve two purposes: they help us spread the world about Amani, and they help up support Amani. Half the profits of each shirt help with the food and housing costs for Amani’s 30 resident children. That shirt you buy transforms itself into full bullies, healthier bodies, a good day at school and water to quench a child’s thirst. Amani runs solely on donations, so fundraisers like this ARE the only way such daily necessities become realities.
What is twenty dollars to you? A dinner meal? A movie and popcorn? A parking ticket? Do something meaningful with that fraction of your next paycheck! You get a shirt, and these children know that across the world, people care.
Support us and find more information at our Fundraiser Facebook Page, or purchase a shirt here!