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Now you can make a secure donation to the Amani Orphanage US Account. Want to specifically fund school supplies, food or other item? Send an email to Juma specificying what your donation should be used for! Or contribute to the Orphanage’s general budget. Juma has said many times that what the Orphanage needs most is a group of reliable, regualr donors, whose monthly plegdes will increase what the orphanage can do and how many children they can care for. Could this be you? Right now one US dollar equals 1632 Tanzania shillings. Any donation, big or small can make a huge difference! Here’s some perspective: a liter of milk= 1 USD a loaf of bread= .97 USD a dozen eggs= 2 USD a kilogram of apples: 2.5 USD You can easily afford these snacks with just your pocket change! But at Amani, we need to feed forty kids three times a day every day! Your contribution helps, and it’s just a few coins and dollars to make real change in the life of a child!
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