What is Amani?

“Amani” is the Kiswahili word for “peace.”

Amani Children’s Home is a not-for-profit residential and educational program for children in Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania. Amani seeks to provide safe housing, nutritious food, quality education and healthy socialization for orphans and children of unable parents. This children’s home is run with the support and supervision of the Amani Foundation (formerly listed as “Amani Orphanage”), which works with organizations and volunteers world wide to cover education and residential expenses as well as launch community outreach programs in the greater Mto Wa Mbu area.

Amani is completely not-for-profit. All donations are used directly for food, construction, school sponsorship, health needs and minimal overhead costs. Funds from donors contribute to immediate needs (such a monthly food expenses) as well as long term goals (such as expanding and improving Amani’s facilities).

Amani welcomes volunteers in all aspects of the charity and from all nations of the world who want to join our mission of empowering disadvantaged youth in the greater Arusha area.

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