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What is Amani?

“Amani” is the Kiswahili word for “peace.”

Amani Children’s Home is a not-for-profit residential and educational program for children in Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania. Amani seeks to provide safe housing, nutritious food, quality education and healthy socialization for orphans and children of unable parents.

Amani is an independent children’s home formed from the combination of two preexisting children’s homes: “Watato Care Kigongoni Orphanage” and a second program formerly under management of The Disciples of Jesus Christ Church. This children’s home originally was home to four boys and six girls. Today, over forty children from ages 3 to 14 call Amani home. Children here are from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. Many children have parents who died from HIV/AIDS, and though the children are healthy themselves they have suffered much poverty and hardship during their lives.

The Amani Foundation (formerly listed as Amani Orphanage) is a 501(c)3 charity based in America which aids in the management of Amani Children’s Home and fundraises on its behalf.

Our Mission

The Amani Foundation seeks to not only keep children from the streets, but to also enrich their lives and lead them to becoming active and engaged citizens upon reaching adulthood. Our Tanzanian full-time staff and management take care of all the children’s needs; they are a team comprised of professional cooks, house mothers and fathers, accountants, IT technicians, agricultural experts, clergy and teachers that have come together to be the community that raises these children. The Amani Foundation staff in America are all unpaid volunteers so to avoid unnecessary overhead costs.

Amani is committed to this mission because if the political, economic and social stability of an East African nation (or of any country) is to advance, her hope lies in the children who will grow to lead, support and empower others. Amani seeks to grant this next generation more than just basic needs and primary education; we aim to encourage them to stay in school through to university, establish healthy life habits, and build strong moral foundations.

Amani is completely not-for-profit. All donations are used directly for food, construction, school sponsorship, health needs and minimal overhead costs. Funds from donors contribute to immediate needs (such a monthly food expenses) as well as long term goals (such as expanding and improving Amani’s facilities).

Amani welcomes volunteers in all aspects of the charity and from all nations of the world who want to join our mission of empowering disadvantaged youth in the greater Arusha area.

Click here to download our printable brochure to share with family and friends!

We love to feature stories of projects and donors on our website. However, it can take time to post updates as we are all volunteer staff with many responsibilities.

If you would like your story featured, please email us information about your project! When donors and volunteers send us photos and articles we are very excited to publish them. Not every donor wants to be acknowledged publicly, so we rely on your approaching us or completing our forms for documentation.

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